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Frequently asked questions
What kind of communities can be part of Cooldown?
All communities that are recognized by their home university can send in an application to and become part of our Cooldown platform
What do I have to do in order to get my club registered on Cooldown?
Send an email to with the following:

  • Name of your community
  • Name of your university affiliation
  • Logo of your community (jpg or png format)
  • Bar HQ (a venue where all your events are held)

With this information above, we will set up the registration for you
What kind of bar can become an HQ?
Bars that are on our Cooldown platform can be registered under your community. If your favorite bar is not yet part of Cooldown, please do send us an email to
Who can pledge a community?
Any registered Cooldown user can pledge support to a community of their choosing. You can go the extra mile and share your community page with your friends to increase the number of pledges, unlocking exciting prizes
What kind of prizes will I receive?
On the community page, there is a list of prizes that have been claimed or yet to be unlocked. You can track the progress bar to see when the new prize is going to be unlocked next. Once the new prize is unlocked, you should be notified by us via email or on the Cooldown platform
How can I redeem these prizes?
Once the unlocked prize is claimed, it will be distributed during the next event organized in the bar HQ. For additional information you should contact the head of your community