ZywOo praises young rival’s performance at Paris CS:GO Major: ‘He f****d me’

This is as good as it gets if you're an up-and-coming player getting recognition from one of the GOATs.

French superstar ZywOo didn’t hold back when asked about Into the Breach’s British CS:GO rifler Cai “CYPHER” Watson’s individual performance against Vitality on May 18 in the BLAST Paris Major quarterfinalsand he made everyone there chuckle.

“I mean, he fucked me,” ZywOo said. “He fucked me a lot. Obviously, he’s a really good rifler and entry, so yeah, if he keeps like this, he can be one of the best [in Counter-Strike].”


Esports personality Jake Lucky likely asked the question because even though Vitality defeated Into the Breach 2-0 to advance to the semifinals of the BLAST Paris Major, CYPHER had a really solid performance. The 20-year-old Brit is an entry-fragger, meaning he often goes in first on the T-side, and he posted 44 frags against Vitality and a positive +2 K/D, according to HLTV.

CYPHER also finished the series with the highest average damage per round (86.2) and had a higher rating (1.16) than every Vitality player with the exception of ZywOo himself.

Screenshot via HLTV

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CYPHER didn’t play well just against Vitality, though. In fact, he played a huge part in helping Into the Breach qualify for the tournament through the European RMR as he posted a 1.27 rating there in April, according to HLTV.

The British team arrived in Paris as underdogs but survived the Legends Stage and secured a historic playoff spot. CYPHER was their best player during the whole event and averaged a 1.11 rating after 10 maps played on French soil, according to HLTV. Talent broadcast member James Banks asked CYPHER how he played so ballsy against the best in the world and the young pro told him that’s what an entry fragger should do.

“It’s what you got to do, you know,” CYPHER said. “As an entry fragger, you just got to hold W and swing.”


Although Into the Breach’s Cinderella run was interrupted by Vitality, the entire team can be proud of their accomplishmentespecially CYPHER, who got recognized by ZywOo, one of the greatest CS:GO players of all time, after their match.

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