ZywOo delivers the best clutch of final CS:GO Major so far

What a way to kick off the Legends Stage.

Although the BLAST Paris Major will only conclude on May 21, ZywOo likely made the highlight of the tournament on May 13 with a one-versus-four clutch against G2 on Nuke in the opening round of the Legends Stage.

The first kill on huNter- allowed ZywOo to climb Heaven, and played the rest of the round unbelievably well. HooXi didn’t consider he could have silently dropped, and was caught off guard. Then ZywOo killed jks and played the one-versus-one to perfection, tapping the bomb to force m0NESY to rush to him and get the final kill before defusing the bomb on time.

Every CS:GO fan has to be thankful this was the last round of the first half because ZywOo would have probably saved his AWP otherwise, instead of going for the “world-class” clutch, as commentator Anders Blume called it.


As soon as ZywOo won the round, CS:GO fans rushed to Reddit to comment on it. “Every part of this clutch is disgusting,” one Redditor said. “That silent drop was just epic in itself, this guy is just built different to the rest of us,” another Redditor said.

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It’s fair to say this clutch made the difference in the end, as Vitality narrowly defeated G2 16-13 on Nuke. On top of this beautiful highlight, ZywOo made a big impact throughout the entire best-of-one, dropping a 30-bomb and averaging nearly 100 ADR, according to HLTV. He was undoubtedly the best player in the series and it reflected in his ratingan outstanding 1.60.

ZywOo is the best player of 2023 so far and should he keep up with this level at the BLAST Paris Major, it’ll be hard to stop Vitality from winning their first Major ever.

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