ZywOo carries Vitality, eliminates Outsiders from ESL Pro League season 16

Will anybody stop ZywOo in this tournament?

French CS:GO superstar ZywOo played an important part today in Vitality’s 2-0 sweep against Outsiders at the ESL Pro League season 16 quarterfinals in Malta.

The 2019 and 2020 best CS:GO player in the world proved to be an absolute menace to Outsiders. ZywOo constantly found opening frags and multikills throughout the series to push Vitality over the finish line, including in the final overtime round of Dust II, in which he pulled off a quad kill in a two-vs-four situation to send Outsiders home.


Although Vitality swept Outsiders, it was not an easy series at all and they absolutely needed ZwyOo to step up. The French sniper finished Mirage (16-13) with a 26-17 K/D and was once again the best player in the server on Dust II (19-17) with 30 frags and just 15 deaths.

ZywOo’s great individual performance today adds up to an already brilliant tournament he’s having. The Vitality star has played 14 maps thus far in EPL season 16 and has finished with a positive rating in all of them. He even surpassed a 2.0 rating on two occasions, the first being against Endpoint on Vertigo, and the second against Team Spirit on Nuke.

Should ZywOo keep playing at this level throughout the rest of the tournament, Vitality will be a serious contender to win the tournament. They haven’t won an S-tier event in the year so far after the additions of dupreeh, Magisk, Spinx, head coach zonic.

Vitality will play the winner of G2 vs. NAVI tomorrow at 12pm CT for a spot in the grand finals.

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