Zoe and AD carry damage, Irelia sustain targeted for buffs in League Patch 12.16

With many champs phased out of the meta, new faces are being brought in.

With the 2022 League of Legends World Championships quickly approaching, Riot Games is looking to balance the game to a healthier state. This is starting with Patch 12.16, the first of a few Worlds-centric patches, where a handful of deserving champions are receiving buffs.

Following the patch preview teased yesterday, Riot Phroxzon, lead designer of balance and preseason on the Summoners Rift team for League, provided more insight on the buffs coming to select champions in Patch 12.16.

This patch is expected to be released on live servers on Aug. 24, though is currently available for testing on the League PBE.

In the top lane, champions that have fluctuated in and out of the meta are getting some help to make them more stable choices. To help deal with early poke damage, Irelia will receive buffs to her armor per level and base magic resist. Jayce will do more damage with an increase to the AD ratio on both his Q and R, as well as a small buff to his base armor. Malphites passive and W are both going to have their cooldowns lowered.

Zoe is the only mid laner being buffed this patch. Now, she is more likely to see a summoner spell drop from a minion in lane, and will do a bit more damage with the initial impact of her E. Zyra will also have a bug fixed that lowers the cast time on her E.

Elsewhere, previously teased buffs for Vladimir have been delayed.

Multiple AD carries are being prioritized for buffs in Patch 12.16 due to major nerfs targeting Zeri and Draven. Tristana will be able to attack her enemies faster with substantially more attack speed through her Q at all ranks. Caitlyns passive AD ratio is being increased, and she will now deal up to 25-percent bonus damage on her ultimate based on her crit chance. 

KaiSas damage is being buffed throughout her kit, most notably with higher AP ratios on her Q and Ra factor that made her problematic earlier this year. However, the AP ratios on her W being untouched means the champion will likely remain in the bot lane, where her AP builds are not as strong.

Players can look forward to Patch 12.16, marking the first of multiple patches aimed at balancing League for Worlds, releasing on Aug. 24. Since these changes are currently in testing, they may be altered prior to release.

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