Zeus and Gumayusi carry T1 to victory over Hanwha in 2022 LCK Summer Split

Gumayusi's quadra kill sealed the deal for T1.

T1 cruised against Hanwha Life Esports, the last-place team in the 2022 LCK Summer Split standings, today. Faker and crew registered a 2-0 series victory as Hanwha failed to counter or adapt to T1s gameplay.

Game one in todays League of Legends series was Zeus stage to shine. The T1 top laner picked up Akali and wreaked havoc on the map. With the help of his teams ambush, he got first blood in the match. From there on, he either picked up solo kills or constantly ganked Hanwha’s lanes to wipe out multiple enemy champions in teamfights.

His performance, along with the late-game onslaught by Gumayusis Zeri, paved the way for T1s victory. By the time the game ended, Zeuss Akali had an impressive KDA of 8/1/6 and he was named the MVP of the match.

In game two, Hanwha made the mistake of letting Zeri slip through the draft and T1 grabbed it for Gumayusi. Oners Lee Sin proved to be the perfect frontliner, too. He danced around the enemy teams formation during skirmishes, confusing them while his teammates dealt damage from the backline. 

Hanwha showed a moment of brilliance and were able to punish T1s overaggression during the teamfight for the second Rift Herald. But they were not able to capitalize on this and T1 soon recovered from the loss. Gumayusis Zeri was also able to pick up a quadra kill before the game ended in T1s favor. 

After the series victory, T1 now sit in second place in the 2022 LCK Summer Split with a 13-2 record. Their next matchup is against NS RedForce on Aug. 7 at 3am CT.

Although they are out of the playoff race, Hanwha might want to end the Summer Split on a positive note. They will look to beat Fredit BRION when they confront them next on Aug. 6 at 3am CT.

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