ZETA DIVISION VALORANT player comes out as transgender

ZETA DIVISION will attempt to qualify for Game Changers East Asia.

ZETA DIVISION player flappy has come out as transgender through the organization following public backlash on Twitter. 

On July 27, ZETA DIVISION announced it would be entering the VALORANT Game Changers scene with a womens roster. The roster consists of suzu, aco, Movo, romia, and flappy, the latter of whom had her gender questioned after the team’s signing was announced on Twitter.

ZETA DIVISION posted an announcement today addressing and defending flappys gender. The organization said that flappy identifies as a transgender woman and is taking the necessary hormones to adhere to Riot Games guidelines to compete. ZETA DIVISION also explained it had flappys permission to reveal the information and it seemed necessary to post as a way to silence the rumors surrounding their team. 

Flappy, who belongs to the VALORANT GC department, which is the origin of the rumor, is a transgender woman who goes to the hospital and takes hormones in order to become a body that matches her gender identity, said ZETA DIVISION through translation. In addition, a medical certificate from a doctor has been issued, and we have confirmed it in advance.

Flappy and ZETA DIVISION will be competing in the Game Changers Japan qualifiers to make the jump to the Game Changers East Asia division. By qualifying for Game Changers East Asia, ZETA DIVISION will have the opportunity to earn a spot at the Game Changers Champions LAN in Berlin later this year.

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