ZETA DIVISION locks in roster for VCT 2023

The Japanese side is ready to compete.

ZETA DIVISION, the most successful Japanese team in VALORANT, has locked in its roster for next year.

Unsurprisingly, the org has barely changed anything heading into VCT 2023. ZETA has kept its core players, including in-game leader Laz, as well as Dep, TENNN, crow, and SugarZ3ro. Barce was the only addition as a substitute.

ZETA has also kept its coaching staff, JUNiOR and XQQ, and analyst gya9.

The Japanese team side were one of the only successful teams from the region in 2022. They confidently triumphed in VCT Stage One in Japan by defeating Crazy Raccoon with a 3-1 score in the finals, advancing to Stage One Masters in Reykjavik. In Iceland, they had a milestone run, since they finished in third place, after losing to OpTic Gaming 0-3 in the lower bracket final.

ZETA failed to qualify for the Stage two Masters in Copenhagen, but they once again heralded as the best side from their region later on, when they qualified for VALORANT Champions as the Japanese representative via circuit points. In Istanbul, they fought valiantly but lost twice to the eventual champions, LOUD, in Group B, finishing the tournament in ninth to 12th place.

ZETA will begin their 2023 season with the VCT Kickoff Tournament, which is slated to start on Feb. 14, 2023. There, they will face some of the other partnered teams from all around the globe.

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