Zero eliminations as tech issues see all TFT players progress at NA Regional Finals

Issues force a delay at North American Regional Finals.

Day one of the Teamfight Tactics North American Regional Finals was stopped after just four games due to a technical issue that has now seen all 24 players advance to day two on May 12.

Day one of the TFT Set 8.5 NA Regional Finals began with 24 players competing to progress to the second day after six games, with only the best 16 moving ahead.

Played on Patch 13.9, with the inclusion of a 13.19 B-patch, just four games were played before Wisdom and Riot Games experienced technical difficulties with the client, changing up the NA Regional Finals format by having all 24 players advance to the second day of competition.

Prior to the technical issues, Jukeyou was dominating day one of the NA Regional Finals, earning three lobby wins out of four games. Jukeyou remains at the top of the leaderboard heading into day two with 31 points. One point below Jukeyou was Bossoskills with 25 points, followed by Dishsoap and Garchompro with 24 points.

Image via Wisdom/Riot Games

All points will carry over to day two of the NA Regional Finals, with the players competing in a total of eight games as opposed to six. Cuts to the top 16 will take place after two games, then the top 16 will play six more games to determine the final eight players advancing to the third day of the NA Regional Finals.

The top two players following six games on day three will advance to the Monsters’ Attack World Championship, along with the finalist who had the best overall average placement across all three days of play.

The remaining top two players get a second chance at attending TFT Worlds through the Western Last Chance Qualifier that will take place next weekend on May 20.

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