Zeri has been buffed or nerfed 13 times in just 9 patches since her January release

The Spark of Zaun is a tricky puzzle to solve.

Dash-heavy AD carry Zeri has been buffed or nerfed a whopping 13 times across just nine League of Legends updates since her Summoners Rift arrival in January this year as Riot Games struggles to fit her into the Season 12 meta.

The Spark of Zaun will get her thirteenth change in League Patch 12.14.

Since her January release, Zeri has only really dodged changesbuffs and nerfs alike, mind youin just four patches. The AD carry has kept her ability kit and numbers entirely in tact across back-to-back updates just once in her short League history: 12.8 and 12.9 carried no changes for the champion.

Throughout her tumultuous time on the Rift, the Spark of Zauns win rate has swung as high as 59 percent (in high ELO lobbies) and slumped as low as 39 percent.

The AD carrys Q ability Burst Fire has been changed six times already. Her Spark Surge dash clocks in as the second most tweaked with seven buffs and nerfs, while her ultimate Lightning Crash tops out with nine. Zeris basic attack (six) and Ultrashock Laser (five) have seen multiple tweaks too.

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Zeri copped a major change list in League patch 12.7. Her Q, W, E,  and ultimate were all nerfed and she suffered a base stats blow to the tune of less armor, attack damage, AD growth, and health.

Months later, in League patch 12.11 in early June, the ADC zapster had all four of her abilities hit again, this time alongside her basic attack, in a pile of nerfs.

In the next Season 12 update, coming July 27, the Zaunites ‘right click’ will be changed again; it now executives enemies below 60150 (+18 percent) health. Zeris ultimate also took a hit via its on-hit damage.

Every Zeri change & fix since release

  • 12.2 Released.
    • R hotfix.
  • 12.3 Base stats, Basic Attack, Q, E, R changes, bug fixes.
  • 12.4 Basic Attack, Q, W, R changes.
  • 12.5 Stats, Basic Attack, Q, E, R hotfix.
  • 12.7 Stats, Q, W, E, R changes.
    • Stats, W, E, R hotfix.
  • 12.10 Stats changes.
  • 12.11 Basic attack, Q, W, E, R changes.
    • Basic Attack, Q, E hotfix.
  • 12.12 Stats, W changes.
    • R hotfix.
  • 12.14 Basic attack, R changes.

She has been hotfixed an incredible five times since release.

Image via Riot Games

While the Riot devs have been relatively quiet on their ongoing Zeri struggles and her seemingly impossible-to-balance kit, several designers have called her scary and admitted its easy to “overshoot” on changes.

The League team is also determined to keep her close to the ongoing ranked and pro play meta so they dont have yet another all or nothing character in the games modern roster. These include Ryze, Azir, Kalista, and more, all of whom either totally dominate proceedings on the Rift or rot with win rates in the 40s.

For this reason, Dot Esports expects even more Zeri tweaks this year.

While Zeri is still a long, long way away from Ryzes incredulous League change list (the Rune Mage has been reworked five times) she may eventually close the gap.

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