Zayac likely to leave Team Secret with Resolut1on in a strange Dota 2 roster shuffle

The duo is out, and the shuffle is looking very strange.

Two additional dominoes in Team Secrets impending Dota 2 roster shuffle have seemingly fallen, with another player set to exit the lineup while the teams previous newcomer moves to an entirely new position.

The ink is all but dry on the goodbye messages for Resolut1on as he is likely to leave Secrets roster, but it looks like his laning partner is also set to pack his bags.

According to multiple insiders with information about Secrets moves, Zayac has already left the Dota 2 team. Though neither his nor Resos departures have been publicly announced, reporter Arseny Kuzminsky and at least one other insider have confirmed the movesalso noting that Reso is set to join Old G. 

Reso and Zayac joined Secrets lineup as Puppey and his teammates were at their lowest in the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit. The storied laning duo came in and quickly turned things around, injecting that roster with an energy and dynamic that would help lift it all the way to a second-place finish at The International 11. 

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Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed best offlane duo in Dota could not keep Secret from regressing during the 2023 DPCs opening tour after Secret lost Nisha to Team Liquid and was relegated after an overall poor performance. 

While there is no insight on Zayacs next Dota 2 roster home just yet, there is some additional info about where Secret might be looking for its new talent.

Prior to this new wave of insider talk, it appeared Secret was courting RAMZES to join as a core playeralong with the potential addition of Nemiga Gamings Malr1ne. It now appears that plans have changed for at least part of those rumors since it looks like BOOM will remain with the team and two other players have been brought up.

BOOM has been practicing a lot of offlane heroes in recent Dota sessions, and at least one insider has confirmed that Secrets most likely move is to swap him out of the core spot and into position three.

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This will open up the mid lane for an incoming player or potential Crystallis role swap, with Winter Bears Mikey being mentioned for the role by Team Sexy coach Vladislav Kozak Lazurenko.

Should that be the case, that will leave them with only the other support role to fill. Puppey and Secret are reportedly testing out a number of Dota 2 players, including a currently unnamed position-four youngster out of Poland.

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