YouTube Gaming streamers can now turn their clips into Shorts

YouTube expands the scope of Shorts.

YouTube has announced streamers on the website can turn their channel’s clips into YouTube Shorts directly from the iOS app.

In 2021, YouTube Shorts were created as a competitor to TikTok, allowing creators to make short-form video content in a digestible format. Shorts gained significant popularity on the platform, though have struggled to compete with video hosting giant TikTok and are largely used to create additional content to supplement streams and videos.

By announcing that creators will be able to turn stream clips into YouTube Shorts directly from their streams, YouTube hopes to further integrate Shorts into streamer’s creative arsenals.

In an update to their YouTube Shorts community page, the website details how users with an iOS device. On the creator side, channel clips will have automatic process which will load the contents of a clip into the Shorts creator. The following steps below outline exactly what YouTubers will need to do:

  • Watch a clip of a video that belongs to you.
  • Click the ‘Create Short’ icon visible in the header of the Clip watch sheet.
  • The content of the clip is now imported into the Shorts creation experience.
  • Make any more edits to the Short by trimming or cropping the original clip.

In the past years, YouTube has massively grown out its livestreaming division. With the recent additions of Sykkuno, LilyPichu, and Myth, YouTube is seemingly investing more into livestreaming. Though the platform has far from perfect in even the eyes of its creators, this change is potentially a sign of things to come.

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