You will never get as lucky as this Genji player when using Deflect

"Mada mada!"

Genji’s Deflect can be simple to use to avoid taking damage, but it’s one of the hardest skillshots to master in Overwatch 2 if you’re trying to actually eliminate enemies. For players that manage it, Deflect can open the door to major outplays, as one player showed in a video clip on May 22.

In the video, the player can be seen defending a point on Route 66 as Genji. As Genjis do, this one pushed aggressively towards the enemy’s spawn while the two teams’ frontlines were busy facing off.

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Then, they used Deflect to counter an enemy Hanzo, who was firing a volley of Storm Arrows at them. Luckily for Genji, Hanzo used their ultimate right at that moment while Genji was at the perfect distance to touch the Dragonstrike’s arrow.

As a result, the Genji player deflected Hanzo’s ultimate, unleashing tremendous damage on the enemy team.

This is already a significant achievement for any Genji main. But in the process, the player also managed to deflect a Widowmaker shot directly back into Hanzo, eliminating him, and then downed both the Ana and Widowmaker that had been behind the Hanzo with Hanzo’s deflected Dragonstrike as well.

The enemy team was crushed by the moment of Genji brilliance. And while most Genji players would chalk it up to skill, there’s plenty of luck involved here, too. What began with Storm Arrows turned into a perfect storm for Genji’s Deflect.

Not launching your Dragonstrike directly at a Genji might be one of the first rules any Hanzo main will learn. It seems this player was taught this lesson the hard way.

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