You play like an Iron player if you pick these 2 bot lane duos in LoL Patch 13.4

It's not necessarily bad, though.

Iron League of Legends players play a bunch of different compositions in the bottom lane, but two of them are beloved by low-rank players.

Miss Fortune plus Lux and Caitlyn plus Lux have recorded the highest pick rates in Patch 13.4 so far, according to a League stat site U.GG. They have boasted 3.7 and 3.53 percent pick rates in Iron rank, respectively, with each duo having around 19,000 matches played.

Both pairs rank significantly higher than any other bottom lane duos in the Iron rank. The third one is Miss Fortune and Morgana with a 2.4 percent pick rate.

Moreover, both Miss Fortune plus Lux and Caitlyn plus Lux have recorded incredible win rates in the ranking. The former composition currently sits on a 54.46 percent win rate, while the latter has a win rate of 52.63 percent as of now.

The domination coming from both of these duos seems to be natural, though. Miss Fortune and Lux is a really aggressive combo that can quickly eliminate a squishy AD carry or support during the laning phase if Lux’s Q lands and stuns them. With Miss Fortune’s high follow-up damage, it’s pretty simple to make the most out of these two.

The case is similar to Caitlyn and Lux. The former has an incredibly high auto-attack range, which allows her to poke enemies constantly during the first 15 minutes of the game. And she will be able to sneak in even more powerful attacks if Lux lands a Q or an E.

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Caitlyn and Lux’s combination is also popular in higher ranks. They currently accumulate a 3.06 percent pick rate in Platinum+ rankings, which is the third-highest score. The leaderboard is dominated by Xayah and Rakan, however, who have a 4.59 percent pick rate and an eye-watering 55.36 percent win rate, according to U.GG.

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