You can try any legend you want in Apex’s Firing Range starting in season 15

Time to find the right legend for your playstyle.

If you just started playing Apex Legends, you may be enraptured by some of the legends in its extensive (and expanding) cast, and it may be hard to decide which legend to purchase next. Luckily for players who are torn between legends, developer Respawn Entertainment will make all characters available for free in the Firing Range starting with season 15, according to the official patch notes released today.

When Eclipse launches tomorrow, all legends will be available to try in the Firing Range, Apex‘s practice arena. This means players can try out any legend they want and even play with or against friends in the training grounds, though they still have to spend their Legend Tokens (or even their hard-earned Apex Coins, depending on how pressed for a legend they are) if they want to use a character in actual combat.

Since its launch in February 2019, Apex only allowed players to use owned legends in the Firing Range. With only two unlockable legends at launchCaustic and Mirage, who have different playstylesit was usually a simple choice between which character to unlock. With a growing roster every season, however, new or returning players can find it tricky to choose between any of the 17 locked legends, counting season 15’s Defensive Conjurer, Catalyst.

Though a character’s information, their official page, and even gameplay videos of them could provide enough information to give fans an idea of how a legend could play out in-game, having the ability to actually test the characters could be the push players need to get a good feel for the characterand whether or not they’re worth the resources to unlock them.

Though the most avid Apex fans probably have enough Legend Tokens to last plenty of seasons, new, returning, and casual players can find themselves with limited resources to unlock a character, so having the chance to actually try out a legend and their playstyle can help shape a decision and give them something to work toward.

Apex’s season 15 is introducing a new map, Broken Moon, which will bring the Outlands’ most infamous bloodsport to the Boreas moon of Cleo. Eclipse will also add Catalyst, another Defense legend, to the mix, bringing the Defensive Conjurer to the Apex Games and marking the 23rd addition to the roster. And players can finally try her out in the Firing Range when the season launches on Nov. 1even if they haven’t spent their Legend Tokens to unlock her.

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