You can infinitely fly with Sigma in Overwatch 2 thanks to a bug in his ultimate

He certainly figured out how to harness the harness, didn't he?

Overwatch 2s mid-cycle patch for season four went through yesterday, May 9, and it wouldnt be a new patch without some new bugs. The games latest patch bug, though, might be one of the most game-breaking yet.

Its unclear exactly who found the exact bug, but players who use Sigmas ultimate in just the right way can now exploit it to create a 400-health, Hypershere lobbing monstrosity that is permanently airborne.

Thats right, by using Sigmas Gravitic Flux in a very particular way, players can effectively break the character, allowing him to fly freely across the map.

The specifics of the bug seem to be tied to the second use of his ultimate, so players wont be able to immediately fly right out of the gate. They will need to build up Sigmas ultimate two times.

During the first ultimate usage, players suggest that tanks use Sigmas ultimate on an enemy and let the ability go off at the end of its timer. Where things get interesting is for the second usage of his ultimate. By staring directly in the air or off the map and letting his ultimate timer expire a second time, the Sigma glitch may trigger.

At this point, Sigma players will have free rein on all of any given maps axes. While this might initially seem to make Sigma vastly overpowered, its not that simple. Theres a substantial tradeoff players will have to make.

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A side effect of activating the glitch is that all of Sigmas abilities, including Kinetic Grasp, Accretion, and Experimental Barrier, will be inoperable. Additionally, players will no longer be able to build up to another ultimate.

Obviously, dont let that keep you from having a little bit of quick play fun. But for those looking to climb the competitive ladder, it might be a decent idea to hold off on activating a glitch that could keep you from holding down the frontlines as a fortified tank.

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