You aren’t alone: Silver still has the most players in ranked VALORANT

Get grinding.

Dont worry, you arent that bad at VALORANT Ranked, other players are just as bad as you are. 

Today the ranked distributions of VALORANT players were revealed with Silver as the most populated rank alongside Bronze. Silver players made up 25 percent of the player base, while Bronze amounted to 23.5 percent, according to data provided by Esportstales

The full ranked distribution for February is below: 

  • Iron: 10.6 percent
  • Bronze: 23.5 percent
  • Silver: 25 percent
  • Gold: 17.9 percent
  • Platinum: 12.5 percent
  • Diamond: 7.2 percent
  • Ascendant: 2.5 percent
  • Immortal: 0.5 percent
  • Radiant: 0.03 percent

Unsurprisingly the distribution shows that the highest ranks in the game; Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant, are the least populated. 

If you manage to reach the highest rank in the game, Radiant, you deserve some congratulations since you are in the top 0.03 percent of players. On the other hand, if you are placed into a lower rank such as Gold 1, you are in the top 40.6 percent of players, according to the data. 

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Players typically underwent a rank reset at the start of the season, which led to many players several ranks below where they finished at the end of the last act. The new ranked ladder is meant to incentivize grinding back to a higher rank and removing those that are inactive from the leaderboards. 

Despite the reset, some players have complained that the quality of games has significantly decreased because of poor teammates and bad attitudes.

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