Yoru’s broken Fakeout is bursting eardrums and dropping frames in VALORANT

I don't remember seeing this in the patch notes.

There’s a new change that’s been added to Yoru’s Fakeout ability for the start of VALORANT Episode Six, one that’s gotten a lot of attention from the player base but one that probably wasn’t meant to be there.

Several players playing Yoru on the new patch have noticed a new bug that is affecting his Fakeout ability, but the bug is affecting entire lobbies with an eardrum-bursting sound and a weird-looking glitch.

A handful of posts on the VALORANT subreddit show a new bugged effect when enemy players shout the Fakeout decoy, one where he glitches and slowly disintegrates into a rectangular polygon that penetrates walls and geometry. During this process, the effect also gives off a sound that sounds like your computer is crashing, then lingers.

One of the users who posted this said that the bug also “dropped everyones FPS to like 30 when this was happening.” Additionally, the lingering sound effect is so loud that it makes hearing other abilities or gunfire nearly impossible. Eventually, the sound effect will go away, but typically not until the round concludes. Both clips shared on the VALORANT subreddit happened on Split, but users have commented that it’s happening on other maps too.

Obviously, a game-breaking bug that has this much of a visual and audio effect on a round is something that needs to be resolved quickly, even if it means disabling Yoru until the issue is resolved. Episode Six has had a few launch issues already, including the Lotus-only queue missing at the beginning and competitive players not receiving their ranked gun buddies.

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