Yoru player shows off devious VALORANT trick that will only work once per match

This is exceptionally cheeky.

Yoru may not have the highest pick rate or win rate in VALORANT, most notably in competitive, but you cannot deny that the deceptive duelist has the highest potential for creativity.

Following his massive rework, Yoru players have found numerous creative ways to use his kit to get the jump on opponents, from teleports behind the defensive lines to the infamous fake Fakeout play.

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Like many other trick plays, this one posted to the VALORANT subreddit is one that you’re probably only to get away with using once per map, but it will be just as satisfying each and every time you use it. This play comes by way of Reddit user xdman9765, who’s hiding in the cubby on B Main.

Rather than send his clone forward, Yoru places the Fakeout spawn point in the commonly used hiding spot and hides behind it, using the half-wall in front of the decoy to keep it in place. The attacking team checks the hiding spot and shoots the decoy, with no idea the real Yoru is sitting there waiting.

While the Yoru here could have waited for the enemy team to run by him, he ends up playing risky and wide-swings the attackers in B Main, getting three of them. Still, with no one on the attacking team expecting Yoru to be there after his decoy was shot, they aren’t prepared to get the trades.

The Reddit user responsible for the play did admit in the comments, though, that the play is “definitely a one time thing, no one will fall for it twice.” But while it may not work at that specific spot again, it could work on other spots of the map, as well as in other matches and on maps as well. Still, don’t count on getting away with it multiple times per map at the same angle unless your opponents are really bad.

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