Yet another Apex Legends hack is causing guns to go rogue in season 16

You don’t even have to touch your controller for this one.

With each new season of Apex Legends comes an influx of new players, with Revelry sporting the highest player count of all time. But cheaters also find their way into the game, ruining the experience for all involved. And now, the newest cheats are taking control of opposing players actions.

The newest Apex cheat directly controls the firing of weapons until they run out of ammo, before having to reload and repeat the same process indefinitely. This cheat empties the players inventory, exposes their position, and leaves them defenseless, unable to do anything else but spray in the direction of the hackers.

YouTube streamer Johnny Price reported the sighting of this new cheat last night when fighting off enemies in a duos match. Midway through the firefight, Johnny realized that something forced him to continue shooting, unloading his entire inventory of shotgun and light ammo into walls before being eliminated in unceremonious fashion.

Cheaters and boosters have been common in Apex, with reports rising each season. The problem reaches all the way to the highest levels of ranked play, with one video showcasing nine Predator players engaging in boosting.

This cheat marks the second big exploit of season 16, the first affecting reloading previously reported on Feb. 26, a bug that empties the current guns clip when hitting an enemy. Combining these can prove fatal to all game modes since all fights in an entire lobby can be decided by one player cheating, an experience that can deter many of the new players to Apex.

There has been no direct response from Respawn Entertainment surrounding the recent cheats popping up, but a past interview with IGN reinforced the devs’ continued efforts with the war on cheaters and the goal of creating positive play environments in all of EAs games.

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