XSET’s BcJ points to one characteristic that makes his team ‘the toughest’ at VALORANT Champions

No athlete could function without it.

Mental fortitude is crucial in all kinds of sportsand esports are no different, especially during tournaments like VALORANT Champions. One of XSET’s players participating in the event, Brendan “BcJ” Jensen, shared his perspective on his team’s mental preparation.

The 22-year-old believes XSET are one of the strongest team at the tournament due to their mental prep. “You got to be tough mentally as a team and I think we’re probably the toughest out of any team at this tournament, so that’s why,” he said during a press conference.

The player added that XSET are particularly good at dealing with losses and marching on toward the next games of the series. “All of our players are great at rinse and reset,” he said.

BcJ said this after XSET surprisingly beat FunPlus Phoenix in the winner’s match of Group C, becoming the first squad to advance to the playoffs from the group. FPX were the champions of VCT Masters Copenhagen. In that event, which took place in July, XSET placed seventh to eighth, failing to make it past OpTic Gaming and Leviatán

With victories over FPX and XERXIA in Group C of VALORANT Champions, BcJ and XSET now await their opponents in the playoffs, who should be determined tomorrow.

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