XSET sweep NRG Esports to go 2-0 at VCT Challengers 2

NRG Esports lose their winstreak after 0-2 loss to XSET.

XSET now stands as the only undefeated VALORANT team in Group A after a 20 victory over NRG Esports at VCT Challengers Two. 

Both XSET and NRG were at the top of Group A at the start of the day with one win each against Ghost Gaming and TSM respectively. But after facing off against each other only one team could remain at the top and that team ended up being XSET.

It was XSET that stole NRGs map pick of Bind to start off the best-of-three series. The half was tied 66 before XSET began gaining momentum with the first three rounds of the second half. From there it was a struggle for NRG to get their footing and they managed to only get two rounds before the map ended 138 in favor of XSET. Rory dephh Jackson walked away with the MVP award for Bind with an impressive performance on Breach with a 1.42 KD.

Unlike on Bind, XSET claimed the lead at the half with a two-round advantage over NRG on Split. That lead slowly grew in favor of XSET, who fought back and forth with NRG for control throughout the second half. In the end, it was XSET who plunged the sword into NRGthe defeated team was unable to close things out on Split.

A 139 win for XSET also meant a 20 series and 20 in Group A.

NRGs next VALORANT matchup is against Ghost Gaming on May 29 and XSET will face 100 Thieves on May 28 for a chance to remain undefeated in Challengers Two.

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