xQc ‘invents’ new Overwatch 2 map exploit

It's the best way to get around Colosseo.

Popular streamer xQc discovered a new way to get around the side of the map in the new Overwatch 2 Push map Colosseo.

In the clip, which was captured during the first day of the Overwatch 2 closed beta, xQc is healing his team as Mercy on Colosseo. As his teammates are picked off one by one, it’s clear that the enemy team is coming for him next. He turns around and tries to run, taking fire as he does so. Eventually, he reaches what looks like a dead-end: a fenced wall that appears to lead off the side of the map.

Instead of changing direction or trying to fight, xQc jumps off the map and hangs close to the wall, using Mercy’s glide to hop along a thin ledge. The ledge takes him back toward another part of the map where he can safely jump back onto solid ground and meet up with his teammates. A stunned xQc explains it to his teammates, who aren’t sure what to make of it. One viewer summed it up nicely in the comments, though: “Some dev is annoyed [that] his secret cheat path was just revealed.”

Colosseo is one of two maps that are used in the game’s new Push mode. Push requires players to move a robot from a central location in the middle of the map toward the opposing team’s spawn point. Like Overwatch’s other modes, the goal is to force players to gather around an objective and spark fights around a central point.

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