XQc in discussions to enter VALORANT with NA Challengers team

Here come the juicers.

The remaining free-agent VALORANT team in North American Challengers are set to be acquired by one of the most popular streamers in the world, multiple sources told Dot Esports and reported by journalist Max Katz.

Turtle Troop, who sit at the bottom of Group A in Challengers, are in discussions with xQc and his management to represent the juicer brand in the league.

The deal remains incomplete at the time of publication.

The acquisition would be the latest of the content creator-backed organizations formalized in the league. XQcs fellow streamers Disguised Toast and Ludwig have both entered into VALORANT with the signing of two teams.

Turtle Troop have a negative round differential of 24 which places them at the bottom of Group A. But the team recently took their first victory against Moist Moguls, the team owned by Ludwig and MoistCr1TiKaL.

Turtle Troop are set to face off against G2 Esports tonight. The latter sit at the top of the group without losing a match.

XQc is one of the largest streamers in the world. Having streamed VALORANT in the past, hes known for his variety and reaction content. The 27-year-old has accrued an average viewership of around 60,000 with over 11 million followers, according to Twitch Tracker.

XQc has a history in esports, too. He was a professional Overwatch player for Dallas Fuel prior to his retirement from the esport in 2018. He focused on his streamer career which has skyrocketed his popularity to a mainstream gaming audience.

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