xQc explains why some YouTube streamers ‘lose motivation’ after leaving Twitch

The Twitch star has given his take.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is constantly pushing the ceiling of entertaining content on Twitch, which is part of what has led to his unparalleled success on the platform. Just last week, the Twitch star shattered his viewership record with over 300,000 concurrent viewers, thanks to Overwatch 2. And yesterday, while reacting to a video from Ludwig, the streaming sensation shared his thoughts on why YouTube streamers have less motivation to create good content than Twitch creators.

XQc began his rant after watching a little over five minutes of the video titled “Is Switching to YouTube a Mistake?” from Ludwig’s Mogul Mail channel. According to xQc, the problem with streamers swapping to YouTube Gaming is they lose their motivation to create good content for viewers.

The 26-year-old suggests Twitch streamers have to fight for their share of viewers every day, while on YouTube each streamer seems to be on their own “island.”

xQc also explained the money side of things has an impact on motivationaccording to the star juicer, streamers who switch to YouTube “retire in their pockets.” This is a reference to the big streamers that have gotten massive paychecks to make the switch, which could potentially cause them to lose motivation because their income isn’t directly tied to their ability to create entertaining content anymore.

“You go from a gladiator arena, full of fucking fighters with the javelin and shit, to being on a one-man island,” xQc said of YouTube star’s dropping motivations.


Despite xQc’s concerns, many streamers have already swapped to YouTube and at least five more will swap soon, according to DisguisedToast. It seems, at least to some, a hefty salary is more enticing than that wild Twitch “gladiator arena” xQc depicts.

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