XQc calls out ‘cringe’ fans that are celebrating Andrew Tate’s potential cancer diagnosis

"Don't do that."

XQc has taken a firm stance against “cringe” fans that have celebrated the recent rumor that controversial media personality Andrew Tate has lung cancer.

During his Twitch broadcast yesterday, streaming top dog xQc was scrolling through Twitter posts about the news when he chose to speak up to those who have been celebrating it, a recent trend he’d been seeing across social media.

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“Celebrating someone’s health struggles/cancer is just not a thing I can align with, sorry bitch ass. I’ve said this for Trump, for whoever the fuck, for all the people that I don’t agree with, I don’t give a fuck, it’s just something that I don’t do, ok,” xQc said. “Cause if you can justify it for this person, then you’ll justify it for another person, and at one point, you’re gonna end up being happy that someone has cancer or diseases because they just don’t agree with you. That’s just cringe, man, that’s lame.”

“He’s in a legal process that the public knows fucking nothing about, these things are incredibly complicated, ok? And it would require a thorough investigation from experts after the fact, let alone clickbait titles during the process. And because of these things that are happening, you’re gonna say ‘yo, dude, fuck him because he’s got cancer, fuck you bitch,’ and you don’t even know what the fuck is happening, that’s so cringe, man,” the star continued.


It remains unclear whether the rumor of Andrew Tate’s lung cancer diagnosis is true or not, but some users have pointed out that this could be a ploy by the controversial star to return to Dubai and avoid the potential punishment for his human trafficking allegations.

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