Xbox glitch allows players to download and play FIFA 23 one month before release

What a blunder.

FIFA 23, this year’s installment of EA Sports’ soccer franchise, has been leaked to Xbox players despite being one month away from release.

FIFA 23 is set to release worldwide on Sept. 30, 2022, but owners of Xbox have downloaded, played the game, and even accessed Ultimate Team, the game’s most popular mode where players fight against others to assemble the best soccer team possible, today. The glitch seemingly allows Xbox Series X/S users to download FIFA 23‘s Xbox One version and access the game.

This glitch that allowed Xbox users to play FIFA 23 ahead of its release has generated tons of leaks already, including the rating of Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Paris Saint-Germain players. Mohamad Salah, for example, supposedly has a 90-rated overall in FIFA 23, the same as Cristiano Ronaldo, according to leaks on social media.

In addition to rating leaks, players were also able to access the soccer team’s kits and the full soundtrack of FIFA 23, although EA hasn’t released it yet.

FIFA players said on social media that those who had access to FIFA 23‘s closed beta could just update the download file and get their hands on the full version of FIFA 23. It also appears that EA Play members also were able to download FIFA 23 ahead of time, according to reports all over social media.

EA is yet to release a statement regarding the glitch that allowed players to access the full version of FIFA 23. Some users are reporting that they can no longer access the game now, while others claim they’re still playing the game.

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