Xbox and PC players unable to turn off cross-platform on Modern Warfare 2

Controller and keyboard users are forced to play together.

Players on Xbox and PC are unable to turn off cross-play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 due to a bug that surfaced after its official launch. 

One of the biggest selling points for Call of Duty has always been the cross-playability between platforms. Console players have been able to play with their friends on PC and now Activision has prioritized allowing mobile players into the mix as well. But the official launch of MW2 has already run into hiccups regarding the cross-play selection. Multiple players have reported that there is no off function for cross-play on PC and Xbox, leaving players to play against enemies that are not on the same platform as them. 

The MW2 beta left a setting open for players to open switch cross-play on and off. This lets players decide whether they wanted to play against console players or those on keyboard and mouse and vice versa. There is a slight difference whether a player is on a keyboard and mouse over a controller with the addition of aim assist for controller players. This setting has gone missing in what is presumed to be a bug. Players on PlayStation still have the cross-platform option available to them while players on Xbox and PC do not. 

Multiple players on both PC and Xbox have voiced their frustrations on Reddit, claiming they do not want to play against each other and would rather play on an even playing field. Infinity Ward, the studio behind MW2, has released several patches and updates regarding the current state of the game but has not addressed the cross-play turn-off function quite yet.

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