Wraith’s passive ability might not be flashy, but it’s still saving Apex players

"Follow me if you want to win."

Wraith is one of Apex Legends‘ most popular characters, and one of the legends that was initially released alongside the game in 2019. But she’s mostly liked for her ultimate and tactical abilities rather than her passive.

A video shared earlier today shows how impactful her passive can be in Apex for the average player, although it’s widely underrated.

In the gameplay clip, the Wraith player was peacefully looting items in an apparently empty house. But her passive gave her a free killand might have saved her altogether.

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When opponents target Wraith, Wraith’s passive will let her know with a voiceline coming from inside her head. And that’s exactly what happened in the house to the north of Lava Siphon.

That’s when the player looked around and spotted an enemy who was camping in a hiding spot, certainly hoping to grab some free points for making it to top 10 or more.

“Which sane person AIMS at WRAITH when you are hiding?!?” wrote an astonished player. If the camper had looked the other way, he’d likely have survived without anyone spotting them.

Instead of praising the clip’s author, the top-voted comments doubled down on how useless Wraith’s passive was. High-tier and professional players, in particular, have been vocal about the lack of strength of Wraith’s passive. Some requested Respawn Entertainment to tweak it and make it more useful, such as indicating the direction where she should look to spot enemies who’re watching her.

Since it’s a fast-paced battle royale game, players will often spot players using other ways, whether it’s simply looking around or using various abilities. They also might get shot even before Wraith informs them of an opponent’s presence. For this reason, her passive is more of a niche ability that’s only useful in specific situations.

Still, the passive can come in handy for the average playerespecially if there’s a rat in the rafters waiting for their opportunity to get a free kill.

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