Wraith Heirloom’s possibly receiving recolors in Apex Season 16 event

The first recolors are on their way.

On Feb. 4, 2019, Apex Legends released its first trailer and opened its servers to the public, initially launching with one map and eight playable legends. Four years and 15 seasons later, Apex continues to grow in size, and now features four different battle royale maps, evolving and changing with each season, and 22 characters to choose from.

According to Insider Gaming sources, Apexs future season features the Imperial Guard Collection Event, which is set to release on March 7, 2023. 

A new rethemed Wraith heirloom is rumored to be in the event, with potentially different reskins on the colors of the kunai. Additional details from known Apex data miners and leakers support this possibility.

Further investigation into the code acknowledges the circulating Apex rumors, with evidence pointing to new textures loaded in for Wraiths Heirloom, including a purple version of the kunai in the game files and an associated holospray.

In the initial game launch, only one legend had a personal melee weapon: Wraiths Heirloom, and it stood as the only collectible of its kind until seven months later when Bloodhound would receive the second Heirloom ever created. These weapons are mythic-tier cosmetic reskins of each legends melee weapon, and are notoriously hard to collect, with a less than 1 percent chance of obtaining one from an Apex pack.

Additional information on Apexs fourth anniversary includes the release date of Season 16, named Revelry, which is set to begin on Tuesday, Feb. 14. The Celestial Sunrise Collection Event will start before the new season launches, which includes 24 new items to collect. 

A new hardcore LTM is set to begin on Tuesday, Jan. 24, featuring a limited hud, maximum damage ring, and only level one shields for the entire lobby.

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