WoW Race to World First is going to the wire as 3 guilds battle for glory

Let the best guild win!

After six exhausting days and nights fueled by Monster and pizza, Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Race to World First is nearing the finish line and three guilds are fighting for glory in World of Warcraft.

On May 15, the cream of the crop guilds Echo, Liquid, and Method are counting a minimum of 47 pulls on the last boss of Aberrus, Scalecommander Sarkareth. While Methods best try on Aberuss final boss was 48.39 percent, Liquid are comfortably sitting at their last pull at 37.18 percent, and Echo are trying to wrap up the race as soon as possible with their last pull taking him down to only 28.10 percent.

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The final encounter of the race was kept a secret by Blizzard Entertainment until the very release of the raid on May 9, and soon after the release, the worlds best guilds had Sarkareth on Heroic difficulty begging for mercy. 

The first Scalecommander Sarkareth pull on Mythic difficulty took place on May 14 as Liquid took down Echo of Neltharion. Echo and then Method followed suit and now we have a nail-biting race on our hands with the three best guilds continuously trying to one-up one another.

Right now, guilds are slowly chipping away Scalecommader Sarkareths health pool, experimenting with Bloodlust timings, and trying to find various tricks to bypass lethal encounter mechanics.

Judging by how close all these guilds are, the race will most likely come down to a guild discovering an innovative strategy that will knock everyones socks off. Nonetheless, let the best guild win. 

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