WoW players will save thousands of gold on riding training in Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5

Save that gold for consumables and cosmetics!

If youve been playing World of Warcraft for years now, you must have splashed out thousands and thousands of gold for flying. But, starting with Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5, you can forget all about the pocket-emptying riding costs.

As shown in a Reddit post, starting with Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5, WoW players will automatically learn the next flying level when they reach the appropriate level without the need to pay thousands of gold and visit a riding trainer. So, your riding learning curve should look like this: 

  • Level 10 – Apprentice Riding
  • Level 20 – Journeyman Riding
  • Level 30 – Expert Riding
  • Level 40 – Master Riding

At first glance, it doesnt seem like much of a change, but it will save you thousands of gold on training, especially those of you who love to level up alts. Besides, you finally wont need to make a trip back to Orgrimmar or Stormwind while youre questing and optimize your leveling route even more. 

Blizzard Entertainment also has a special treat for all players that reach level 30 in the form of a special Time to Fly quest and a flying mount. While all Horde characters will rediscover the skies above Azeroth on their new Scarlet Pterrordax mount, the Alliance members will get Harbor Gryphon. 

The riding training change and the new Evoker spec, megadungeon, and fun new addition to the game called Whelp Daycare will all come with Patch 10.1.5 in summer 2023. Currently, theres no official release date for Patch 10.1.5 and we will learn more details of the patch when we near the release. 

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