WoW players urge Blizzard to update transmogging with one key feature

Imagine even more transmog options.

Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you imagined a perfect transmog, but your vision was compromised since you cant transmog gloves separately? World of Warcraft players hope this wont be the case in the future and are urging Blizzard Entertainment to add this feature to transmogging.

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In the spirit of WoW devs introducing separate shoulder transmogs in 2021, one player created a post on WoWs subreddit on March 7 asking the company to introduce the option to transmog each glove separately. 

The post, as you might have imagined, was met with excitement. One player went as far as to explain how would Blizzard execute this: 

They’d have to go back and alter how body and armor textures work at the foundational level in order to accommodate the right and left sides of the body looking different if you want a big glove on one side and different glove or bare hand on the other side. Which, they could, but it would take some work.

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Currently, WoW devs dont have any explicit plans to upgrade how transmogrification works, but on the road map, Blizzard announced content and system updates for Patches 10.1.5, 10.1.7, and 10.2, so not all hope is gone that we might see transmog system update in Dragonflight. In the meantime, you can play with separately transmogging each shoulder.

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