WoW players have big problem with Dragonflight season 2 dungeons and it’s not balancing

You can't afford to wipe in Dragonflight season 2.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight season two landed on live servers on May 9, and as players dip their toes in new Mythic+ dungeons, they discovered one big problem, and surprisingly, it’s not balancing.

If youve tested Dragonflight season two Mythic+ dungeons, you must have noticed that all of them have one thing in commonillogical respawn points that force you to run from the very beginning of the dungeon back to the point where you wiped.

As WoW players noted in a post on WoWs subreddit from May 10, if you wipe, for example, on the last boss in the Vortex Pinnacle, youll have to spend roughly two minutes running back, punishing you even more for the wipe and making you lose two precious minutes from your Mythic+ timer. 

Essentially, this means youre not allowed to make mistakes and wipe even once in higher keys since youll lose too much time running back. In Dragonflight season one, most dungeons were either shorter or allowed mounts inside and were, therefore, less punishing.

During the recent round of interviews, WoW devs noted they dont have any plans to add additional respawn checkpoints throughout the dungeons as they dont want to see players warping through Mythic+ dungeons. 

This, expectedly, has infuriated the community as players claimed this is one of the most disconnected claims the devs have made. Besides, players speculate the actual reason why Blizzard wont include additional spawn points throughout the dungeons are technical limitations, especially for older dungeons.

So far, Blizzard has had no response for this community feedback, but theres a chance we might learn more about this as the devs continue with aggressive balancing and hotfixes at the beginning of Dragonflight season two.

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