WoW players dub new Evoker spec Azeroth’s first ‘Bard class’

The Bard archetype is coming to WoW for the first time.

Although World of Warcraft Dragonflight Patch 10.1 only just dropped on the live servers, Blizzard Entertainment is already looking to the future. Patch 10.1.5, which was revealed on May 11, is set to include a new spec for Evoker called Augmentation. WoW players have dubbed this new spec Azeroth’s first “Bard class.”

When discussing the new Evoker spec on WoWs subreddit following the announcement, players were reminded of Bard, a traditional MMORPG class that never made its way to Azeroth. Some players got EverQuest Bard vibes from the new Evoker spec since it will be the ultimate support class in Dragonflight, juggling between combat and supporting allies with a series of buffs.

Patch 10.1.5 is expected to release this summer and will keep players busy with learning the new Evoker spec. The spec will combine the powers of Black and Bronze Dragonflight and in the eye of the combat, it will serve as a support-like DPS spec that boosts damage to allies.

WoW has never had a spec like this before. The closest we have to a support-like spec that simultaneously boosts allies and deals damage is Discipline Priest. But they’re not quite the same because they have no means to buff their allies damage. 

Augmentation Evoker makes its way to Azeroth when Patch 10.0.5 rolls out in in the summer and freshens up the game with a new megadungeon, major changes to Warlocks and Mages, and exciting new quests. 

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