WoW players decisively agree leveling needs one key change

There's still time to fix this in Dragonflight.

Dragonflight jazzed up World of Warcraft so that it once again resembles the game we all fell in love with in 2004. But theres a lot of debt that has accumulated over the yearsnamely in the leveling departmentthat WoW players want to see fixed.

Leveling in WoW is in a horrendous state as you only look for the fastest and most efficient ways to breeze through it and start doing end-game content. Ideally, you should venture out into the open world and quest, but many players choose to sit in their capital city and level by completing dungeon after dungeon. The problem here is that you can only queue up for dungeons from the one expansion you previously selected from Chromie Time.

Players on WoW’s subreddit on March 12 suggest that a great addition to the game would be to allow players to queue up for multiple expansions in the Random Dungeon Finder. This way, you wont be isolated in Wrath of the Lich King or The Burning Crusade and instead, you can run any dungeon you want and level up at a faster pace.

Normally, the option to expand your search will appear after you spend five to 10 minutes in the queue for a random dungeon with no luck. Currently, the only way to mix and match multiple expansions is if you have a friend in your party who opted for a different expansion. But even then, you cant queue for both expansions at the same time.

Blizzard Entertainment has yet to address this issue, but theres still more than enough time to improve the leveling experience in Dragonflight.

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