WoW players can farm certain reputations more efficiently than ever this week

This week's in-game event gives a great opportunity to catch up on old reputations and achievements.

This week in World of Warcraft, the Turbulent Timeways event is nearing the end of its run as weve nearly circled through all of the expansions available in the games Timewalking rotation. In the events penultimate week, dungeons from The Burning Crusade are available in the Timewalking queue, additionally meaning that a global buff is in effect that increases reputation earned with reputations from that expansion by 50 percent. 

With that in mind, grinding reputations from The Burning Crusade is incredibly easy this week. Many of the factions from TBC can be raised all the way to Exalted by way of dungeons and raids, with the dungeon-oriented reputations being completable in less than a days worth of game time. 

This week, if theres any one achievement that you need to be completing, its the Ambassador of the Alliance/Horde achievement that requires you to get Exalted with the factions that swear fealty to WoWs two major factions: the Alliance and Horde. If you’re going to be grinding dungeons from The Burning Crusade, it would also behoove you to equip one of your faction’s tabards and complete two reputation grinds at once. In addition to that achievement, you’ll likely earn achievements for other dungeon-related factions, such as the Consortium and Shattered Sun Offensive.

There is a sub-faction tied to each of the races that are associated with the games two factions, however, for the Ambassador achievement, youll only have to grind reputation with the six races that were introduced to the game during or prior to the Cataclysm expansion. This means that earning reputation with the Tushui/Huojin Pandaren or the Dark Talons/Obsidian Warders is not necessary. 

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Reputation with any Alliance or Horde faction can be gained by wearing a tabard for that faction and earning reputation gains in dungeons. Typically, Burning Crusade dungeons yield the most reputation per run, making them effective for grinding. Additionally, with the global reputation boost in effect this week, youll be gaining reputation with Burning Crusade factions at an increased rate. If youre a completionist whos working on getting Exalted with every faction, now is a great time to wrap up your time with certain factions from the games first two versions. 

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Wearing an Alliance or Horde tabard while farming Burning Crusade dungeons will not cause your reputation gains to cancel out. If anything, youll effectively gain reputation with both factions at once. For example, if you wear a Darnassus tabard while running the Magisters Terrace, youll gain reputation with both Darnassus and the Shattered Sun Offensive. This principle can be applied in any dungeon with any tabard. 

This week, the Timewalking rotation includes six Burning Crusade dungeonsMana-Tombs, Shattered Halls, Magisters Terrace, the Botanica, Blood Furnace, and the Underboggiving players a chance to farm reputation with six different factions while farming Timewalking dungeons.

But the most efficient way to farm reputation with Burning Crusade factions is by completing dungeons on Normal difficulty, as you can reset the dungeon after each clear while still gaining the 50 percent reputation bonus from the Timewalking event. Since The Burning Crusade is a 15-year-old expansion, any max-level character should be able to burn through Normal-level dungeons from that era of the game in mere minutes. 

Burning Crusade Timewalking week, as well as its 50 percent reputation boost, will last until May 2. 

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