WoW players’ bags are filling up quicker than ever after Patch 10.0.7

The need for bigger bags is becoming a higher priority.

The launch of WoW: Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 has made one thing abundantly clear to the games player base: its time for bag space to be increased. If youve done any content on the games newest zone, the Forbidden Reach, its obvious that within just a few minutes, your bags are going to be filled with itemsmany of which only serve a purpose in the new zone. 

Across the community, players have made their voices heard on the official WoW forums, the games official subreddit, and throughout social media, hoping for an increase in bag space in the near future to counter how many new items the game introduced in its most recent update. 

Patch 10.0.7 has exponentially increased the number of things that players have to keep in their bags at all times, especially if youre consistently running through the Zskera Vaults and collecting all of the new and unique items inside. With bind-on-account Primalist gear tokens, Primordial Stones, crafting reagents, and items found only inside the Zskera Vaults taking up dozens of individual slots in your bags, its becoming harder than ever for players to manage their bag space. 

After completing content on the Forbidden Reach or in the Zskera Vaults, you could find your bags to be filled with situational, sometimes unidentifiable items such as the Leftover Elemental Slime, Experimental Dragon Packs, and Neltharion Gift Tokens.

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If you run the Zskera Vaults in bunches, opening several doors at once before heading back out into the Forbidden Reach, its likely that you might not have enough bag space to hold all of the treasures you get from inside the Vaults. In some cases, a lack of free bag space might cut your Zskera Vault runs short, causing you to take the walk of shame back to Morqut Village and clear up your bags before heading back to the Vaults. 

How many inventory slots do players really need? 

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A simple solution for the mountains of items youll receive in the Forbidden Reach is to place them in your bank. Most of the unique items you get from the Zskera Vaults need to be combined with other items to unlock their full potential, so its best to sit on them until you find their counterparts. 

While Morqut Isle has plenty of NPCs you can find in Valdrakkensuch as an item upgrader and Crafting Order stationtheres unfortunately no banker in the hub. Youll need to head back to the Dragon Isles capital to place any stray items in your bank. If youre in a pinch, try to sell off some of your unneeded crafting reagents on the Auction House to free up bag space in the interim. You can also do a deep dive in your bags and bank by selling off/destroying any items from past expansions that have been taking up unwarranted space. 

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Traditionally, new bags are added to the game at the start of each expansion, expanding upon the previous expansions item-slot limit by two. In Dragonflight, the two biggest bags introduced were the Wildercloth Bag, a 32-slot bag, and the Azureweave Expedition Pack, a 34-slot bag. 

Now more than ever, playing a constant game of bag maintenance is nearly mandatory in WoW, especially if youre a player who has a habit of hoarding items and crafting reagents across all your bags. While the addition of a reagent bag this expansion did take a bit of the pressure off your inventory, keeping it from overflowing completely, the need for more bag space is climbing higher and higher on the list of requests from WoW players. 

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