WoW players agree Dragonflight is the perfect expansion to update one class

This class needs some love.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight is an expansion of renewal with Blizzard Entertainment abandoning time-gated content, updating the game on a regular basis, and finally listening to player feedback. While the devs are so attentively listening to the community, WoW players are convinced Dragonflight would be the perfect expansion to update one class.

The central storyline of Dragonflight revolves around Dragon Aspects and their struggles against the Primalists. With Primalists and the Elements playing such a huge role in this expansion, players agreed in a post on WoW’s subreddit on May 18 theres no better time to visually update Shamans.

As cool as the current identities are for Shaman, this expansion proved the denizens of Azeroth literally will join any old death cult. And with it, Blizzard wrote themselves a perfect way to give players Shamans to all races, and I’m convinced we’ll see Night Elf Dathea-inspired Shamans running around before the expansions’ end, one player said.

Everywhere you look on the Dragon Isles, youll see Elemental forces of fire, air, earth, and water fighting for their lives. With Shamans calling upon the primal forces in combat and using them as their primary source of magic, the timing to update this class couldnt be any better.

While we have visual forms like Dathea, Ascended from Vault of the Incarnates, Shamans in 2023 are still using old Ascendance forms which are simply a cut below.

Screenshot by Dot Esports

Aside from updated Ascendance forms, WoW players on Reddit would love to see a Shaman tank spec that would predominately use the elements of earth. While Elemental uses the power of fire to obliterate opponents, Restoration uses water to heal, and Enhancement uses air to deal damage. The only element thats left unrepresented is earth. 

It remains to be seen if Blizzard will listen to players and bless Shamans with visual updates and a new tank spec. Until then, Shamans can explore a new Evoker spec and a new megadungeon coming in Patch 10.1.5 later this year.

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