WoW player reaches incredible Mythic+ milestone on all 13 classes

Quite an achievement to get before season two.

World of Warcraft players come in all shapes and sizeswhile some enjoy pushing the highest Mythic+ keys, others have unique goals they want to achieve this season. While most players are busy with leveling and gearing alts ahead of Patch 10.1, one player reached an incredible Mythic+ milestone on all 13 classes.

While the majority of players are busy chasing down rares on the Forbidden Reach and preparing their alts for the next season, a WoW player called Tomacing obtained the Keystone Master achievement on all 13 classes and shared this feat on WoWs subreddit on April 24

When asked which classes were the most and least fun to play, the player responded that both Evoker specs were really unfun while they enjoyed playing Brewmaster Monk, Warrior, and Demon Hunter.

Further discussing this incredible feat, the player emphasized that achieving Keystone Hero is far more difficult than obtaining the Keystone Master achievement on all classes because this challenge is mostly about time investment and gearing up.

The player, however, didnt start the challenge blindly and has already obtained the Keystone Hero achievement on their mainProtection Paladin. In fact, their main is sitting comfortably at a 2,749 rating. 

For those who arent familiar, the Keystone Master achievement is earned by reaching a 2,000 score by completing and timing Mythic+ dungeons, and the Keystone Hero achievement is obtained by reaching a 2,500 score. 

If we take into consideration this player had to level up, gear up, learn, and then run Mythic+ dungeons with each class existing in the game, this can be seen as quite an achievement that surely took time, patience, and effort. 

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