WoW player fashions the perfect Felguard transmog

A diabolical outfit.

With so many weapons and outfits in World of Warcraft, there are endless possibilities for transmog.

A fashionable player on WoW’s subreddit showed off their exceptional Felguard transmog on Jan. 22, turning their character into one of the Legion’s warriors. With the items from Xorothian and Demon-like gear, their character hardly became distinguishable from the demons popular in the game’s lore.

The outfit features purple and navy blue colors, with gold and green here and there as well. The dominating colors are popular for Felguard soldiers, making the character look very much alike. The golden outlines and green details are the perfect cherries on top, making this transmog one of a kind.

Felguards are demons of the mo’arg race, which are soldiers of the Legion and a faction of demons who aim to control all life in Azeroth and other worlds. They were one of the main enemies in World of Warcraft’s The Burning Crusade and Legion.

Players also can also own Felguards as pets. This option is available for Demonology Warlocks, who can use them as their own demonic minion through the Summon Felguard ability. Minions are a crucial part of Warlock’s gameplay, serving as their tanks during leveling.

The creator shared the list of items in their impressive transmog. It goes as follows:

  • Demon Warder Helm
  • Spaulders of the Iron Crucible + Scourgebane Pauldrons
  • hidden cloak
  • Stormforger Chestplate
  • Xorothian Gauntlets
  • Xorothian Waistplate
  • Xorothian Greaves
  • Earth Crushing Sabatons
  • Weapon: Hellrender with Breath of Yu’lon illusion
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