WoW Hardcore? Blizzard might be bringing a highly-requested mode to Classic

A new way to play WoW.

Hungry to play Classic, World of Warcraft players have gathered on Classic-era servers over the past couple of months to start their own unique community: Hardcore WoW. Although the community has been rapidly growing, players have been begging Blizzard Entertainment for designated Hardcore serversand the latest leaks suggest their wishes might come true.

WoW news site and database Wowhead revealed today that in the Blizzard interface source code for Dragonflight Patch 10.1, there are a couple of warnings with Hardcore in the name. 

Originally, this was discovered by Twitter user Meorawr and then tweeted by a user under the name Solanya on March 10.

The Hardcore community is currently populating the progressed Classic-era servers that stayed up after the release of The Burning Crusade in June 2021. The principle of this player function is simpleyou level your character normally, but when you die, you delete the character and start anew. You also cant trade with other players, buy items or materials from the auction house, or use any type of resurrection like Soulstones.

To start your journey on the Hardcore realms, youll need to install a special addon called Hardcore that keeps track of your deaths and auction and mailbox activities. 

If you want to join the Hardcore community before Blizzard potentially releases the official version, you can read more about it on the Classic Hardcore site or you can join the Classic-era servers Bloodsail Buccaneers (NA) and Hydraxian Waterlords (Europe).

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