WoW Dragonflight’s Mythic+ keys have never been easier with March 7’s affix rotation

It's time to push some keys!

World of Warcraft Dragonflight season one hasnt been treating players the best as many struggled to find success in Mythic+ dungeons due to overpowered bosses and demanding affix combinations like Grievous and Bursting. Thankfully, players should be able to breeze through keys with this weeks affix rotation.

Last weeks Mythic+ affixes, which featured the devastating combination of Grevious and Bursting affix, had healers ragequitting the game or going on a vacation for the week as it was almost impossible to heal through so much damage.

This weekly reset will feature far easier affixesSanguine and Volcanic. While the Sanguine affix leaves a puddle behind defeated trash mobs and heals the mobs that stand in it, Volcanic will randomly spawn gouts of flame that will erupt, deal damage, and knock up players standing in it.

Unlike the affixes from the previous week that had healers shaking every pull and anxiously spamming their heal buttons, this weeks affix rotation will allow healers to have more breathing room and they will be able to help out with DPS.

On top of that, the Sanguine affix is primarily a tank affix as they have to drag and kite mobs to avoid taking damage and mobs healing from Sanguine ichor. Volcanic shouldnt pose a problem as this affix is fairly visible and you have more than enough time to move before the explosion goes off.

So, use your time wisely this week and jump into Mythic+ dungeons to get your Keystone Master and Keystone Hero achievements before you have to deal with yet another atrocious affix rotation.

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