WoW Dragonflight players have a chance to get a guaranteed piece of Heroic raid gear for 7 straight weeks

Gear up your alts with a string of dungeon runs.

The cosmos have aligned to allow WoW players to get every single one of their alts up to speed faster than ever before.

With the launch of Patch 10.0.7, getting pieces of gear at item level 385 should come freely via exploring the patchs new zone, the Forbidden Reach. Additionally, completing the weekend event quest each week for the next seven weeks will grant you items that can scale all the way up to item level 411. 

WoW: Dragonflight players are currently in the midst of a seven-week-long stretch where a Heroic version of the Cache of Vault Treasures will be available to them, making the process of gearing alts so much easier than before. 

Starting this week with the Dragonflight Mythic dungeon weekly event, a Heroic-level Cache of Vault Treasures can be obtained from Kazra in Valdrakken. After this weeks Mythic dungeon event, the Turbulent Timeways event will begin in WoW, giving players a chance to complete five Timewalking dungeons each week for an opportunity to earn Heroic-level raid gear. 

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Each week, from now until May 9, youll be able to traverse the timeways and complete dungeons of both the Mythic and Timewalking varieties for a chance to earn gear that scales all the way up to item level 411 each week. 

Earning raid gear for completing dungeons

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This weeks road to a Heroic item begins in Dragonflight Mythic dungeons and only gets easier from there. This week, all youll have to do for a piece of Heroic gear is complete four Mythic or Mythic+ dungeons while the Emissary of War quest is active in your quest log. After this week, youll be completing Path Through Time quests to get your Heroic piece of gear. If you play for seven straight weeks and complete a total of 34 dungeons on each of the characters you want to gear up, youll have seven pieces of Heroic raid gear on each of your characters. 

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Although tier items cannot come out of the Cache of Vault Treasures, you can receive pieces of gear that can later be used in the Revival Catalyst. Additionally, items listed on boss loot tables as Very Rare drops can appear in the cache. That includes items such as the Whispering Incarnate Icon, Neltharax, and others.

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