WoW director puts Evoker rumors to rest as Patch 10.1 draws closer

At least they are being honest about it.

Dracthyr Evokers are not like any other class or race weve seen before in World of Warcraft. They are the first and the only class and race combination, they have only two specializations, and empowered abilities that hit enemies harder depending on how long youre holding your buttons. Being so unique, WoW players desperately wanted to see a new specialization, but game director Ion Hazzikostas put all those rumors to rest.

In an interview with WoW content creator and caster Dan Mr. GM Carter on April 25, Hazzikostas explicitly said WoW players shouldnt expect a third Evoker spec in Patch 10.1, which comes out on May 2. 

Theres definitely no third spec in 10.1. I wish we were that good at hiding, but maybe someday. Anything is possible in the future Dont always read too much into every bit of data mining you see, he said.

For all those who are out of the loop with this one, since the PTR started for Patch 10.1, players have been finding various pieces of evidence suggesting were getting a third Evoker spec in Patch 10.1, especially because their storyline is expanding. Some findings suggested Evokers are getting a new healer and support spec, while other discoveries suggested Evokers could become tanks in the next patch. 

Hazzikostas shot down all hopes players had about a new spec, but as the game director pointed outanything is possible in the future.

While we wait for the third Evoker spec to make an appearance, we can enjoy Patch 10.1 starting May 2 and the new Dragonflight season on May 9. 

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