WoW devs working on system to restrict addons like WeakAuras in Patch 10.1

It could have a major impact on dungeons and raiding.

The World of Warcraft developers are said to be working on restricting one of the game’s most popular addonsWeakAuras.

The devs are aiming to introduce a system called “Private Auras,” which would allow them to hide certain auras more easily from addons, according to a tweet by WeakAuras yesterday.

The WeakAuras creator explained that Blizzard Entertainment is currently exploring ways to make restrictions. The devs are looking to limit addons, like WeakAuras, from “fight mechanics that encounter designers think would be problematic.” But there are a few customization problems when it comes to shipping it to the game.

The devs have come across a problem interacting with customs UIs. Blizzard’s goal is to limit addons from solving certain mechanics and auras for players. But the devs don’t want to make some debuffs completely undetectable for players using a custom UI.

Blizzard is exploring ways to have these debuffs displayed, without addons finding all the information about them and instantly solving the puzzle for players, according to Wowhead.

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These tweaks are currently being tested for Patch 10.1, which doesn’t yet have an official release date. Although judging by the newest Dragonflight roadmap, the update should go live in late May or early June, and looking at how Diablo 4 is coming out on June 4, it will most likely release around the former date.

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