WoW devs could spice up talent trees in a future update

Blizzard is open to changes now more than ever.

Inspired by the talent trees from the original iteration of World of Warcraft, the Dragonflight talents breathed new life into the outdated system, making it more about meaningful choices and player creativity. Blizzard Entertainment, however, isnt done with polishing talent trees and has plans to spice them up in future updates.

During an interview with associate game director Morgan Day on April 25, Liquids guild master and raid leader Max “Maximum” Smith asked if the WoW devs have any plans to include tier set bonuses in talent trees. The associate game director responded by saying the devs are open to adding favorite tier set bonuses to the talent trees, but if they do that, they will have to be very cautious about it.

As soon as you start doing this too much, you start veering into borrowed power territory which is not the goal of talent trees. But if it is solving some of the core problems… thats absolutely an option, Day said.

In addition to this, Day explained that Dragonflight talent trees already feature old tier set bonuses and the best example of this is the Ritual of Ruin ability from Shadowlands that found its way to Destruction Warlock talent trees. 

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While this is a feature we might see in the future, the communitys reaction will need to be primarily positive and this new talent should add value to the talent tree instead of making it feel like an obligatory talent. 

But before we can look forward to tier set bonuses making it to the talent trees, we have Patch 10.1 ahead of us on May 2 and the second season of Dragonflight on May 9.

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