WoW devs are finally unlocking one highly-requested feature in Patch 10.1

Even more good news.

Dragonflight is like a renaissance in World of Warcraft as devs continuously listen to players feedback and quickly find solutions to those problems. The expansion release patch has only paved the way and Patch 10.1 is looking to continue this as WoW devs finally unlock one feature.

According to a post from a WoW caster and streamer Dan MrGM Carter, flying in Battle for Azeroth will be unlocked for everyone starting Patch 10.1.

For years, Blizzard intentionally didnt want to unlock flying in BfA, saying it would be unfair to unlock it for everyone, especially because acquiring Pathfinder in BfA was a long and painstaking process that involved completing two major achievementsBattle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One and Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two.

For the first achievement, you had to explore all regions in KulTiras and Zandalar, reach a Revered reputation with six factions, complete 100 world quests, complete all main storylines, and finally, complete the war campaign. The second achievement consisted of exploring Nazjatar and Mechagon, and reaching Revered reputation with three more factions.

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The main reason why devs are unlocking flying in BfA now is because the season two Mythic+ dungeon pool will feature two iconic BfA dungeonsFreehold and Underrot. So, to avoid stressing Mythic+ players a bit more with running through the jungle to reach the dungeon, the devs are unlocking flying for everyone.

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