WotC gives code for Magic Arena XP after downtime affects Constructed and Limited queues

Get progress for the mastery pass.

Magic Arena experienced connection issues throughout the day, leading to players being unable to enter drafts or play in Constructed or Limited matches.

Release day issues are nothing new for Magic: The Gathering‘s digital platform. However, the Streets of New Capenna release was fraught with a litany of longer-than-usual glitches that prevented players from trying out the new three-color set.

In response to the downtime, Wizards of the Coast provided a temporary code that awards players with 4000 XP, which contributes towards the New Capenna mastery pass. The code is “PATCHUP” and is available until May 5.

To use a code in Arena, go to the store tab. On the top left of the store, page will be a field to enter in redemption codes. After redeeming the code for 4000 XP, don’t forget to also use the code “PLAYSNC” to receive three New Capenna booster packs.

New Capenna was released today on Magic Arena. The update began at 10am CT with a revamped store, Explorer ranked and play queues, and New Capenna draft and sealed events available. Shortly after the update went live, players began experiencing issues when trying to load into Limited and Constructed events.

This led to downtime that caused connection issues for all Magic queues. Players were unable to even participate in drafts due to these errors.

Maintenance continued throughout the day and concluded at 7:25pm CT.

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