Woro2k claims s1mple ‘did nothing himself’ in his Counter-Strike career after Kinguin Legends team-up turns ugly

One final fixture on Twitter after the $50k finals.

Two professionals from the CIS Counter-Strike community are at each other’s throats after playing on the same team at the Kinguin Legends 2022 tournament. Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev and Volodymyr ‘Woro2k’ Veletniuk both played on Edwards Team and came second in the final to Maikelele’s Team.

Despite this being a friendly Counter-Strike match with nothing really on the line, drama has ensued with the two pros throwing several jabs on Twitter.

S1mple, who has been notoriously hard to work with over his career, looked to be a changed man, but Woro2k may have sullied any redemption arc NAVIs AWPer looked to be on course for. 

Woro2k said in a tweet on Sept. 18, It’s a shame to realize the player you love the most, except for crying and telling someone something, did nothing himself. 

The tweet caused bickering back and forth between s1mple and the 21-year-old Ukrainian, with Woro2k ultimately ending the argument with a warning for s1mple, saying: Take away your ego, because the time will come when I will destroy you in tournaments, yes, maybe not for the first time, but it will come.

Woro2k’s response came after s1mple claimed he was a “stupid player.”

“Its all good, one day you will understand what team play in FPS games means and maybe u will start open your mouth and give info so other players will enjoy playing Time passes quickly, start making progress,” s1mple also said in the heated exchange.

Edwards team came second in the final, losing 2-1 to Maikeleles team in incredibly close fashion. The last two games of the series both finished in overtime, with all games being separated by six rounds over the three games.

The $50,000 tournament featured heavy hitters from CSGOs past, bringing back old major winners from 2014 Virtus Pro and stars from the same year’s vintage NiP line-up.

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